Statement of the Polish Anti-War Movement

We, the undersigned, gathered at the inauguration of the Polish Anti-War Movement, express our deep disagreement with the foreign and security policy pursued by the governments in Warsaw after 1999, an adventurous policy aimed at aimed at confronting our neighbors and pursuing the strategic interests of Washington.

We are a grassroots social movement created independently of any political party. The essence of our activities is organic, educational and informational work for the cultural sovereignty of the Polish people and the independence of Poland.

Unconditional aid given to Ukrainians is not in Poland’s national interest. Tolerating the cult in Ukraine of criminals such as Bandera or Suchevych and genocidal organizations such as OUN / UPA is a disgrace and a slap in the face of every Pole. As long as chauvinism and the cult of of defenders there can be no question of any financial, let alone military, assistance to this country.

We would like to note that the authorities in Kiev have not apologized to the Polish people for the genocide against the Polish people during World War II since 1991. There is no our consent to the distribution of public money for social assistance to Ukrainian immigrants, nor to an organized resettlement operation on Polish territory. We do not support Russian aggression against Ukraine, but at the same time we firmly emphasize this is not our war.

We advocate peace and a peace policy aimed at good relations with all neighbors, according to the principle, zero enemies among neighbors. The normalization of these relations must take place while preserving the Polish raison d’état and the Polish national interest. The key to Poland’s development is economic development that takes full advantage of the potential of our geographic location.

There is no agreement on our part to support US hegemonic policies and the participation of the Polish Army in Washington’s wars of aggression, which resulted in the deaths of nearly a million people after 2001.

Częstochowa, February 3, 2023