The initiative was born from the bottom up out of Sebastian Piton and Leszek Sykulski’s ideological cooperation and deep disagreement with the domestic and foreign policies pursued by the post-1999 governments in Warsaw. Adventurous policies aimed at confronting our neighbors and advancing Washington’s strategic interests. We are a social movement, created from the bottom up, without formal structures. The essence of our activities is organic work for the cultural sovereignty of the Polish people and the independence of Poland.

🇵🇱 Polish Anti-War Movement, stop the War!

We do not agree with such disgraceful words as those uttered by the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mr. Lukasz Jasina in March 2022, which illustrate the entire foreign and security policy implemented by the government in Warsaw in recent years.

🇵🇱 Zero enemies among neighbors. Multi-vector policy.

We advocate peace and a peace policy aimed at good relations with all neighbors. The normalization of these relations must take place while preserving the Polish raison d’état and the Polish national interest. The key to Poland’s development is economic development that takes full advantage of the potential of our geographic location.

🇵🇱 Stop the Americanization of Poland!

Poland is treated as a “strategic bumper” of the US, to which we do not agree. The operation in 2003-2005 on Polish territory of a secret CIA prison, in which citizens of other countries were unlawfully (without a court ruling) detained and tortured. This is blatant proof of the dependence of Polish state policy. There is no agreement on our part to support the hegemonic policy of the US and the participation of the Polish Army in Washington’s wars of aggression, which resulted in the deaths of nearly a million people after 2001.


🇵🇱 Truth, family, property.

In our organic work, we rely on the foundations of Latin civilization as described by Professor Felix Koneczny, where the central values are truth, family and property. We are against the dilution of the concept of truth, the demoralization of youth, the LGBT agenda, gender ideology, the destruction of the institution of the family and, finally, the attempt to take away Poles’ freedom (the abolition of cash, the ban on cars with internal combustion engines, etc.).

🇵🇱 Stop the Ukrainianization of Poland.

Unconditional aid given to Ukrainians is not in Poland’s national interest. Tolerating in Ukraine the cult of criminals like Bandera or Shuchevych and genocidal organizations like OUN/UPA is a disgrace and a slap in the face of every Pole. As long as chauvinism and the cult of criminals develops in Ukraine, there can be no question of any financial or even more military aid to that country. There is no our consent to the distribution of public money for social assistance to migrants from Ukraine or for an organized resettlement action on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

🇵🇱 Europe of Homelands - YES, European superstate - NO!

We speak out against plans to federalize the European Union. The ideas of building a European superstate are contrary to the idea of Polish independence. We are for the preservation of the national currency - the Zloty.

🇵🇱 This is not our war! Let’s not go to this war! Peace - YES, war - NO!

The war in Ukraine is not our war. We strongly object to the military aid directed by the government in Warsaw to Ukraine. There is no our consent to the participation of the Polish Army in any military action outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.


🇵🇱 If you agree with our demands and want to join in the creation of ideas for Poland and organic work for our cultural sovereignty and Polish independence, we invite you to write to us on an e-mail message, in which please include the following information:

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  1. Conceptual, ideational work;
  2. Organizational activities, such as setting up structures, organizing meetings, debates;
  3. IT, graphic design, video support;
  4. Social media outreach activities;
  5. Publishing, printing support;
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