March in Warsaw

A MARCH FOR PEACE will be held in Warsaw on May 1 at 12 o’clock. The march will take the route from Traugutt Cross on Sanguszko Street to Zygmunt Column on Castle Square. The slogans of the march are: “This is not our war”, “Stop Americanization of Poland”.

Meeting in Koszalin

Koszalin and surrounding areas. Already on Saturday, March 25 at 15:45, We will meet at the monument to John Paul II at the Cathedral. You are cordially invited to meet our guests. Dr. Leszek Sykulski, dr. of medicine Marcin Sowinski, editor Ewa Marcinkowska, Slawomir Sala and a special guest from across the Oder River. 💪😎

Debate in Szczecin

Invitation to Szczecin for a geopolitical debate on the security of Poland. Beginning on Friday, March 24, 2023, at 18:00 Place: Salesian Schools, 124 Ku Słońcu St. Free admission. Books of the speakers will be on sale, such as. , “Polish geopolitical thought” - price 50 zł and , “Basics of geopolitics”. - price 30 zł.

Debate in Kielce

On Saturday, March 18, 2023, in Kielce at 3:00 pm, the great geopolitical debate of the unredeemed. I will have the pleasure of speaking alongside Dr. Lucyna Kulinska, Prof. Miroslaw Piotrowski, Jozef Bialek, Piotr Korczarowski and Sebastian Piton. We will gather at 15:00 in front of the Congress Hotel, 34 Solidarności Avenue. Are we in danger of war? Great conference in Kielce [1/6] Are we in danger of war? Great conference in Kielce [2/6]

Douglas Macgregor on Polish government policy

Douglas Abbott Macgregor is a retired US Army colonel and government official. He contributed to the US strategy during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. After retiring from the military in 2004, he became more politically active. In 2020, President Donald Trump proposed Macgregor as US Ambassador to Germany, but the Senate blocked the nomination. On November 11, 2020, a Pentagon spokesman announced that Macgregor had been hired as a senior adviser to the acting Secretary of Defense.

Interview in front of the Polish Parliament with Dr. Leszek Sykulski

– Publicists, politicians say that this is harmful to Poland. What is your opinion? Of course, it is not harmful. The Polish Anti-War Movement promotes peace slogans. Who can judge today of politicians, publicists, or scientists that peace is harmful, for Poland, for the Polish state, for the Polish Nation? Of course not. Peace is we all need today. And not only for us Poles, but for all Europeans and all the inhabitants of our globe.


Statement of the Polish Anti-War Movement We, the undersigned, gathered at the inauguration of the Polish Anti-War Movement, express our deep disagreement with the foreign and security policy pursued by the governments in Warsaw after 1999, an adventurous policy aimed at aimed at confronting our neighbors and pursuing the strategic interests of Washington. We are a grassroots social movement created independently of any political party. The essence of our activities is organic, educational and informational work for the cultural sovereignty of the Polish people and the independence of Poland.


The initiative was born from the bottom up out of Sebastian Piton and Leszek Sykulski’s ideological cooperation and deep disagreement with the domestic and foreign policies pursued by the post-1999 governments in Warsaw. Adventurous policies aimed at confronting our neighbors and advancing Washington’s strategic interests. We are a social movement, created from the bottom up, without formal structures. The essence of our activities is organic work for the cultural sovereignty of the Polish people and the independence of Poland.